Teacher. Author. Spiritual Guide.

Disciple. Friend. Wife. Mother.

Founder and Director, School For Seekers

Author of A Dallas Willard Dictionary

Unrepentant fan of good folks, good wine, and good news.



School For Seekers

Founder (with Benton Stokes, singer, songwriter, worship leader) of

School for SeekersChristian Spiritual Transformation Through Experiment, Practice, and Play

Deep lasting transformation comes through learning and experience, guided by mentors and soul friends. We rethink our assumptions, and try on new ideas. We develop healthy habits through spiritual practices over time. Who we are -- deeply beloved and cherished children of God -- is mirrored back to us, causing us to see ourselves as God sees us.

Our goal is you, joyful and whole, fully alive and spiritually free.

Through online courses, in person workshops, retreats, and spiritual coaching, we build sandboxes and safe spaces for communion with God and community with others.

We will never beat you up for doubting, or questioning, or changing your mind. That’s how people grow. Instead of doctrine and dogma, we traffic in conversation, music, art, prayer, meditation, and critical thinking.