Buddhists kill too

The Rohingya slaughter in Myanmar is an ethnic cleansing that world leaders are loath to term "genocide" since international law would require intervention and punishment.

It is also Buddhists killing Muslims.

Why does this matter? Because we have a false idea that some religions are violent and some are peaceful. In America, atheists condemn Christianity for violence, Christians condemn Muslims, and "spiritual but not religious" often think Buddhists are quiet vegetarian pacifists mildly meditating and growing enlightened.

No religious ideology--not Islam, not Buddhism, not Christianity, not atheism--is uniquely violent or uniquely peaceful. @@Ideology is a human construct, and humans are a mess.@@ Gather us together under a banner and we do horrible things to one another.

...behind Communism, Fascism, behind all occupations and invasions lurks a more basic, pervasive evil and that the image of that evil was a parade of people marching with raised fists and shouting identical syllables in unison.
(Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being)

We also do glorious things for one another, as disaster relief organizations demonstrate more often than any of us would like.

Horrible or glorious is each human's choice, in each action we take. We can train for peace and kindness. We can train for violence and intolerance. Blaming our god or their god is both useless and inaccurate.

@@God allows us freedom to choose and to act. What we do with that freedom is up to us.@@