Life. God. No Filter.


My ministry-slash-business-slash-spiritual partner and I have started focusing on taking our School for Seekers (SFS) work on the road and the interwebs. It's daunting, this duopreneurial effort, but we have seen the Spirit's efforts, which makes us think we should put some sweat into SFS too.

As part of that we are broadcasting on our SFS Facebook page every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Central. During those Wednesday times, we invite anyone listening to be part of the conversation by posting a question or a comment. Viewers converse with each other or ask questions of us.

We are interested in different things and have vastly different life experiences. I've got philosophy, early 90s San Francisco lgbtq culture, theology, spiritual practice, and mixology. Benton has Southern culture, music, songwriting, drum corps, roller coasters, and God's ridiculous love.

Nothing is off-limits. School For Seekers is about building sandboxes (to play in) and safe spaces (to risk in) for communion with God and community with others. 

When Benton and I talk, it's always about life and God, which is pretty much all there is.

I have been hashtagging it this way: #life #god #nofilter. 

That #nofilter part means that we will speak honestly about what we know, admit what we don't, and recognize that no topic is outside life and God. Not sex, not physics, not Arkham Asylum. It's all part of the glorious reality.

#nofilter means something else as well: there is nothing between you and The Eternal. We point, guide, encourage, redirect, teach, reframe. We fatten up the layers of your paradigm and join you in the conversation.

Benton and I have no interest in giving you correct doctrine. We don't want to hand off a set of answers, or suggest that our approach to knowing God that is The Right And Only One. Some practices and approaches do work better than others. We offer those for you to play with. But anyone paying attention knows that God meets us where we are, so there isn't just one precise method and set of propositions. 

God is ultimately mystery, beyond our understanding, but God wants to be known. God wants to be part of your conscious daily life. Directly. Conversationally. Joyfully.

Hence: #life #god #nofilter

Or: #lifegodnofilter

Want to play in our sandbox, becoming part of a great conversation? Here are some ways:

  • Join us at 6 p.m. Central on Wednesdays on our School For Seekers Facebook page.
  • Download our explanation of the Six Steps (and One Wall) of the Spiritual Path.
  • If you're in Nashville, join us for worshipful conversation on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (email us for location).
  • Sign up for our mailing list to hear about workshops, concerts, and retreats.
  • Bring us to your home, church, park, retreat center for a workshop, worship event, preaching gig, or just great conversation and wine.
  • Watch for our podcast and online courses, both coming soon.
  • Contact me for spiritual coaching (free consultation) or editing.
  • Contact Benton for songwriting coaching or to set up a house concert.