Tweaking Your Auto-Responder

What is your automatic response to opportunity?

  • Yes (because you will be disappointed in me if I don't)
  • Yes (because that's my role and I must)
  • No (because I can't)
  • No (because that would be overwhelming/too hard)
  • No (because choices are irrevocable)
  • Yes (because that sounds fun/interesting/pleasant--in which case I want to hear from you)
change your autoresponse.png

In The Year Without Fear we are beginning to work on our auto-responses because they can sap our strength, shackle our freedom, and keep us from growth.

The problem isn't whether we say yes or no to opportunity. The problem is whether we are bound by a habit of thought. Change your auto-response and change your life.

Next time you hear yourself automatically responding, ask: "why am I saying this?" Just asking the question will tweak your responder over time.