Dive Into Eternal Living

You are an eternal creature, a spiritual being in a material world.

Your daily life is a spiritual journey.

When you can see your destination, and you're headed the right direction, that journey leads you toward peace, hope, trust, and joy, and away from tumult, despair, cynicism, and inauthenticity. 

Peace. Hope. Trust. Joy.

Sounds like heaven, right?


Eternal living isn't about getting into heaven.

It's about getting heaven into daily life.


Your True Self Is Meant For Eternal Living 

Your True Self is where your creativity and freedom reign. When you get beyond the borders of shame and fear, or the need to prove yourself, or the automatic responses of disdain and withdrawal, when you find what is innocent, trusting, and pure, that's where you find your True Self.

Your True Self is where you feel alive and part of something greater. It is your essence including all your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and deepest desires. When you strip away others' expectations, the personas you create, the armor you wear, what you see is your True Self.

Finding True Self is about finding your sacred dance, who you are forever and who you always will be. That’s the self that can go to Heaven, if you want to put it that way, because it’s already in Heaven. It’s already there. So you’re returning home.
— Fr. Richard Rohr, The Eight Core Principles

Your True Self is where the Holy Spirit of God dwells.

God's Spirit is the enlivening, the voice of Truth, the connection between you and the deepest reality. When you are your best self, your most authentic and transparent, it is the Spirit others see.

i help you find your True Self. 

The work I do—spiritual coaching, teaching, writing, and prayer—is all meant to help you find your True Self, where God lives.

Eternity is where you belong. Here and now.